Titan Poker Review

With hundreds of rooms to choose from, online poker players have become increasingly discerning about where they make their deposits, but Titan Poker has never been afraid of a challenge; they proved that five years ago when they first picked their name.

If you’re a skeptic, then save yourself some stress and find out just how epic Titan Poker is via our comprehensive review.

Titan Poker Bonuses And Promotions

If big bonuses are at the top of your poker room want list, then you probably won’t be impressed by Titan Poker’s modest 50% first deposit match worth up to $200. While a small sign-up bonus at some sites is usually due to larger reload bonuses, that $200 is the beginning and end of Titan Poker’s deposit bonuses. Ironically, players can earn more money by properly working the site’s refer-a-friend bonus – which is worth as much as $215 each.

If you can see beyond the allure of cash bonuses, then Titan Poker still has a lot to offer play-oriented members. Where are they hiding all their promo money? At the tables! Titan Poker is rife with in-game bonuses, freerolls, satellites, guarantees, bounties, and progressive jackpots. In other words, if you prefer to earn your money, then you’re going to love Titan’s tournament line-up.

We’ll start by finishing Titan’s special bonuses. In addition to the traditional deposit bonuses mentioned above, players can also earn in-game bonuses for getting a bad beat with a hand of 4 Kings or better (worth $250), or alternately for having the top hand of the day (worth $100).

Their tournament schedule is where Titan Poker’s promotional package shines. They’ve done something different with progressive jackpots by adding them to their sit ‘n’ go tables. Win a set number of sit ‘n’ goes in a row at any of the specially designated tables and you could earn an extra $2,000 to $50,000 or more. In addition to the usual small prize, small fry daily freerolls Titan Poker also offers weekly new depositor freerolls with $2000 or more in guaranteed prizes and weekly depositor freerolls with $1200 in guaranteed prizes.

Players can satellite their way into major live tournaments like the World Challenge or the Irish Open, or they can grind their way to the top of an online satellite series like the monthly million. Additionally, tournament players can compete in Titan’s money-added bounties or their weekly $250,000 guarantees.

Titan Poker promotes their loyalty points program – called Club Titan – as the “world’s most rewarding online poker VIP club.” While every player automatically earns points, regulars will earn more points by achieving higher VIP status. Unlike some poker rooms that only offer prizes or free play for their points, Titan allows players to transfer their points directly into cash. By saving your points until you reach a higher level, you can earn anywhere from 20% to 120% more.

Titan Poker is one of the hippest sites that hasn’t yet pimped out their brand via pro promotions, though they did recently establish their team. What that means is that while you’ll be spared the computer-freezing commercials you’ll still have many chances to trade ammunition with top players.


Titan Poker’s cashiering service is impossible to fault since they probably offer the most payment options in the industry. Players can choose from more than 30 different depositing options payable in five different currencies. Though none of these services will earn you a preferred deposit bonus, you also won’t get stuck with unnecessary charges when withdrawing.


Though they have them, Titan Poker doesn’t have to rely on gimmicks like bonuses and big tournament money to bring in new players; the site makes playing poker online genuinely easy and enjoyable. Their Playtech software platform probably has a lot to do with the overall excellence of the site; it supports a satisfying variety of ring games and tournaments and yet never falters, even during peak hours with 20,000+ players.

The lobby and the game layout are obvious and familiar but the overall look is distinctive and fresh. The dark backgrounds and black tables are not only immensely cool, but they also make it easy to see the cards and read cues.

Though players can choose from any of the top poker variations – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi, Five Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud – the room has thus far failed to offer mixed games like HORSE or live tournament staples like Razz. Still, the tables the room does offer attract regular action. Since the frequent freerolls and amped up to sit ‘n’ goes attract a large quantity of fish, the site is ideal for sharking at the lower and mid-stakes levels. That said, players that want to get serious and play some high stakes will probably be disappointed by the site’s relatively low ceiling of $10/$20.


Titan Poker may not be the ideal room for bonus hunters or high rollers, but with its industry-leading tournament lineup and overall high quality of gameplay, it should more than satisfy virtually everyone else.