Titan Poker Review

With hundreds of rooms to choose from, online poker players have become increasingly discerning about where they make their deposits, but Titan Poker has never been afraid of a challenge; they proved that five years ago when they first picked their name.

If you’re a skeptic, then save yourself some stress and find out just how epic Titan Poker is via our comprehensive review.

Titan Poker Bonuses And Promotions

If big bonuses are at the top of your poker room want list, then you probably won’t be impressed by Titan Poker’s modest 50% first deposit match worth up to $200. While a small sign-up bonus at some sites is usually due to larger reload bonuses, that $200 is the beginning and end of Titan Poker’s deposit bonuses. Ironically, players can earn more money by properly working the site’s refer-a-friend bonus – which is worth as much as $215 each.

If you can see beyond the allure of cash bonuses, then Titan Poker still has a lot to offer play-oriented members. Where are they hiding all their promo money? At the tables! Titan Poker is rife with in-game bonuses, freerolls, satellites, guarantees, bounties, and progressive jackpots. In other words, if you prefer to earn your money, then you’re going to love Titan’s tournament line-up.

We’ll start by finishing Titan’s special bonuses. In addition to the traditional deposit bonuses mentioned above, players can also earn in-game bonuses for getting a bad beat with a hand of 4 Kings or better (worth $250), or alternately for having the top hand of the day (worth $100).

Their tournament schedule is where Titan Poker’s promotional package shines. They’ve done something different with progressive jackpots by adding them to their sit ‘n’ go tables. Win a set number of sit ‘n’ goes in a row at any of the specially designated tables and you could earn an extra $2,000 to $50,000 or more. In addition to the usual small prize, small fry daily freerolls Titan Poker also offers weekly new depositor freerolls with $2000 or more in guaranteed prizes and weekly depositor freerolls with $1200 in guaranteed prizes.

Players can satellite their way into major live tournaments like the World Challenge or the Irish Open, or they can grind their way to the top of an online satellite series like the monthly million. Additionally, tournament players can compete in Titan’s money-added bounties or their weekly $250,000 guarantees.

Titan Poker promotes their loyalty points program – called Club Titan – as the “world’s most rewarding online poker VIP club.” While every player automatically earns points, regulars will earn more points by achieving higher VIP status. Unlike some poker rooms that only offer prizes or free play for their points, Titan allows players to transfer their points directly into cash. By saving your points until you reach a higher level, you can earn anywhere from 20% to 120% more.

Titan Poker is one of the hippest sites that hasn’t yet pimped out their brand via pro promotions, though they did recently establish their team. What that means is that while you’ll be spared the computer-freezing commercials you’ll still have many chances to trade ammunition with top players.


Titan Poker’s cashiering service is impossible to fault since they probably offer the most payment options in the industry. Players can choose from more than 30 different depositing options payable in five different currencies. Though none of these services will earn you a preferred deposit bonus, you also won’t get stuck with unnecessary charges when withdrawing.


Though they have them, Titan Poker doesn’t have to rely on gimmicks like bonuses and big tournament money to bring in new players; the site makes playing poker online genuinely easy and enjoyable. Their Playtech software platform probably has a lot to do with the overall excellence of the site; it supports a satisfying variety of ring games and tournaments and yet never falters, even during peak hours with 20,000+ players.

The lobby and the game layout are obvious and familiar but the overall look is distinctive and fresh. The dark backgrounds and black tables are not only immensely cool, but they also make it easy to see the cards and read cues.

Though players can choose from any of the top poker variations – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi, Five Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud – the room has thus far failed to offer mixed games like HORSE or live tournament staples like Razz. Still, the tables the room does offer attract regular action. Since the frequent freerolls and amped up to sit ‘n’ goes attract a large quantity of fish, the site is ideal for sharking at the lower and mid-stakes levels. That said, players that want to get serious and play some high stakes will probably be disappointed by the site’s relatively low ceiling of $10/$20.


Titan Poker may not be the ideal room for bonus hunters or high rollers, but with its industry-leading tournament lineup and overall high quality of gameplay, it should more than satisfy virtually everyone else.

Absolute Poker Review

The popularity of Absolute Poker, like its sister site UltimateBet, suffered greatly in its early years due to an inside gambling scandal. While many players were initially reluctant to return to the site, its induction into the CEREUS Network has meant positive change.

The operators have worked hard to regain the industry’s trust by acquiring approval from the esteemed Kahnawake Gaming Commission and by having their randomization software independently audited by iTech Labs. Do we think their recovery efforts have earned them a second chance? Read on to find out.

Absolute Poker Bonuses And Promotions

Absolute Poker offers an excellent value with their sign-on bonus which offers a much higher than average match of 150%, good for up to an extra $500. Depositors will also earn a free entry to one of the site’s many $1000 guaranteed freerolls. While you’re at it, peg on an extra $75 for referring a friend.

Hopefully, the site’s generous loyalty points program – FAME – will set a new trend in the online poker industry where most comp programs are notoriously stingy. Not only can you earn approximately 30% of your cash playback via FAME points, but you can also earn double points when you play during Absolute Poker’s dedicated Power Hours, and you can turn those points into cash, prizes, or tournament entries, as you prefer. You can also use your FAME status to earn those oh so rare reload bonuses. Absolute Poker is one of the very few large poker rooms that offer regular reloads (theirs vary in size from a modest 15% up to a full 100% match).

Absolute Poker’s bad beat jackpot is progressive, which means it regularly tops a quarter of a million. The site also turns Texas Hold’em’s worst hand – 7-Deuce – into a new promotion that rewards players with enough confidence to ride a clunker to the showdown.

You can also earn money in more traditional ways, such as winning any of the site’s many guarantees, by climbing to the top of their weekly and monthly leaderboards, or by finishing in the money in one of their many special events. Their satellites aren’t too stingy either, most notably their annual $12,000 WSOP packages.

Even fun money players can earn some cold hard cash via Absolute Poker’s special promotions. Hardcore play money competitors that earn a cool 10 million chips will also score a $50 bonus plus inclusion in the site’s Play Money Hall of Fame.


While we think that Absolute Poker’s claim to have more “real money payment options than any other online poker room” is dubious, they’re definitely in the top five when it comes to ease of depositing. Players have 21 of the most efficient and secure funds transfer services to choose from.

Depending on your home country, you will also have as many as 10 withdrawal options to choose from, though American players should be aware that most of their options come with a fee and a considerable delay.


Many players choose either Absolute Poker or its subsidiary UltimateBet, assuming that because they’re members of the same network they offer the same experience, but if you have the cash to try both we highly recommend it. UB is a great site, but Absolute is commendable in its own right. The design is clean and modern but easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. The lobby is likewise player-minded and the cool blue tables and sharp but subtle graphics will keep you awake but relaxed during those multi-hour sessions.

During peak hours the site supports over 25,000 players at over 4,000 live and active tables. Game choices cover the most popular options – Texas Hold’em and Omaha – but also include some Stud and mixed game selections. Ring game players will be especially pleased to see the site’s amazing stakes spread. At the end of your bankroll? Finish it off or rebuild it at the $.01/$.02 micro-stakes. Hoping to make a fortune in one night? Then test your skills against other high rollers at the $500/$1000 tables.

If you’re tired of dealing with aggressive short-stackers then you’ll love Absolute Poker’s substantial minimum buy-in policy. The tournaments are equally inclusive with step buy-ins starting at $.50 and direct entry to the $150,000 guaranteed costing a cool 1K.

If you’re worried that Absolute Poker hasn’t learned its lesson when it comes to treating its players right, then all you have to do is check the middle of their home page where the site displays an entire list of fair and safe affiliations and responsible gambling links.


Absolute Poker offers a good all-around value for amateur players of every level. If you’re looking for a site that excels at everything but you’ve been letting old rumors prevent you from trying Absolute Poker, then our advice is to forgive, forget, and join today.

Ultimate Bet Poker Review

Some older online poker players hear the name “UltimateBet” and still shudder. Though UltimateBet has offered a really solid poker experience for almost a decade, sadly the site is best known for an inside gambling scandal that occurred among its staff a few years ago.

The site was recently rebranded as just UB.com in hopes that a fresh look and a fresh name would equal a fresh start in the unforgiving online poker industry. Find out if UB is worth a second chance in our site review below.

Ultimate Bet Poker Bonuses And Promotions

Right on the front page of their site, UltimateBet boasts that their sign-up bonus is “the best in the business.” With a 111% match worth up to $1100 it’s at the very least the best bonus we’ve seen at any poker room of this size or caliber. The minimum deposit eligible for this promotion is also one of the lowest we’ve ever seen – a budget-friendly $10. Presently new depositors are also getting a free entry to the site’s limited-seat $1000 guarantees.

Ultimately UB has so many promotions and special events that it would be tedious to outline them all, but suffice it to say players that want more bang for their buck will get it by playing here, whether their preference is for ring games or tournaments.

In terms of the latter, UltimateBet has a deep tournament lineup, though they may not support as many as some other big sites. What they do offer is larger prize pools and lower buy-ins for an overall greater value. If you’re a trophy hunter, then try the site’s $200,000 guaranteed every Sunday. On the other hand, if you’re a small fish willing to work your way up, you can earn big money by starting with a $.10 Step 1 buy-in and grinding your way to the top.

UB’s satellite prizes are also unparalleled. You can start with a ten-cent buy-in and earn your seat at the WSOP. As a bonus, players that have to pay the full buy-in to see some WSOP action can still get money back by pimping the site out by wearing UB gear to your event. Whereas some poker rooms focus on one promo per month, UltimateBet offers several exciting satellites at any given time.

Of course, we have to mention UB’s new loyalty points program, RAI$E, which is easily one of the most generous poker rewards programs on the web. Players aren’t forced to spend their points on cheap apparel or low-pot freerolls; there are three different ways to redeem rewards and one of them is straight-up cash. The top-tier players can earn nearly a third of their cashback. Another positive aspect of UB’s promotional program is that they encourage beginners to start at their free tables, whereas most other poker rooms want to push new members directly into cash games.

UB has capitalized on the wild popularity of poker pros by hiring some of the most visible figures in live poker to help them resuscitate the site’s public appeal. Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Adam Levy, and Brandon Cantu are just a handful of the top players that are throwing their weight around for the sake of the site. That means that especially ambitious players will get their chance to test themselves against the best when playing at UB.


UltimateBet currently offers 25 different payment methods, most of which are instant and free. While this alone is impressive, what’s even cooler is that the site recently introduced a 1-click reload option that allows returning players to reload their balance instantly, so you’ll never lose your seat if you take a big hit at a hot table.


UltimateBet’s big turnaround can largely be credited to the CEREUS Network software that powers it. The site is bright and colorful but also easy to navigate and uncluttered. The lobby offers several useful filtering options and a wonderful array of games. There’s always good action at Texas Hold’em and Omaha tables, but you can also expand your strategy repertoire at the 7 Card Stud, Razz, HORSE, and HOSE tables.

Tournament fans can choose between MTTs, STTs, SNGs, freerolls, direct entry satellites, and bounties almost all of which are also eligible for the site’s special late registration program which makes it hard for even multi-taskers to miss their favorite games. And while we’re talking about multitasking, it’s worth noting that UB’s resizable game windows are the kind that multi-tablers love. We also love their hand replay option and the player block feature which allows you to do away with game chatter altogether. The oft-excluded Mac users will be glad to hear that all of these options are available to them via UB’s flash version.


UB took a dire misstep a few years ago, but play an hour at any of their tournaments or tables and you’ll quickly see just how hard they’re working to restore their reputation. It’s a commitment that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the poker community, which regularly pumps UB’s peak hour numbers above 20,000 players.